• Nicole Tagart

Jaclyn Cosmetics First Impressions

I want to first state that I did this review before anything came out about the lipsticks. That being said, it doesn't change my review at all. The lipsticks I have are in perfect shape, no debris or "holes". I still love the formula and everything about them.

Launches are hard, especially when you are as well known as Jaclyn is. Should the contamination of happened in the first place? No, but they way she has chosen to take care of the situation, I believe, shows class. She wants to make it right for her customers, as any business should, no matter the cost to her. I know she will learn and grow from this and I can't wait for the next Jaclyn Cosmetics launch!!

So, without further ado.... enjoy my first impressions video and thank you for watching!

Colors Used:

Nude AF



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