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Hair Training | Guide to Happier Hair

This post is a long time coming and since I chopped off all my hair and am having to start over on my hair training, I thought it was the perfect time to finally do it. I get so many crazy looks when I tell people I only wash my hair every 10-14 days. Those looks are usually followed up by, "teach me how to do this!" I actually learned how to train my hair from the amazing @jasmineraehairco over on IG. She has some great tips, tricks and tutorials so go check her out!!

So, we know washing your hair every day is a huge no no! It actually will strip your hair of the natural oils that come from your scalp that help keep your hair healthy. When we wash our hair every day, our scalp then OVER PRODUCES oil making our hair even oiler. Sounds crazy, but it's true.

Now, I'm not saying I don't take a shower for those 14 days because that would be gross, but I just don't wash it. It's funny but most women despise washing their hair, I know I do! If I can help you make that task better by spacing it out a little more, than my job here is done!

I do want to say that this is what works for ME and my hair. My hair isn't overly oily to begin with and is more on the fine side, I just have a TON of it! You and your hair may be very different and there's a chance that you just can't go as long because of it.

*I don't have one of those fancy promo codes for you, or even get a commission off of your purchase. I just genuinely love these products.

Before you start your hair training journey, you are going to need 2 types of dry shampoo (you'll thank me later). The first type is a light weight for the beginning of the week. My favorite is Deja Vu by L'Ange especially for my fellow dark haired girls because it goes on clear. You will also need a heavier formula for the end of the week when you're trying to push through. I love Not Your Mother's Plump for Joy Dry Shampoo. This line has a bunch of different formulas for dry shampoo, but I love me some volume so this is my go to! Both of these smell amazing and truly do its job.

Don't know how to use dry shampoo? Have no fear, I'm about to teach you!! You always want to make sure and shake your can of dry shampoo before you use it. That's because you want to make sure the product is well distributed and hasn't all set in the bottom your can. Once you have your can all nice and happy, you want to just spray your part. You don't want to be up close and personal, but think more like a hair spray distance from your head. Once you've sprayed your part, make a new part in inch or so from your first part and spray again. You'll do this until you have gone from one ear to the other. Now this is where you want to not touch it. Go do your makeup, let that dry shampoo get in there and do it's job. Once you are ready to do your hair and have let the shampoo absorb all of that oil, put your fingers in your hair and massage it in. This will help disperse it just a little bit more.

Now you are good to brush your hair!! If you're using the NYM and have dark hair, you're going to notice that you'll resemble a bit with your powdered hair. Don't worry, this is only temporary. Once you brush the powder out of your hair, you'll be back to the 21st century with fresh hair that is ready to style and go another day between washes!

So where you start is really dependent on how long you currently can go between washes. For the sake of this post, lets assume you are an every day washer.

Weeks 1-2: I want you to to add 1 day in between washes. So that means washing your hair every other day instead of every day. That second day is going to be hard. You're going to want to wash your hair, but DON'T! Use your dry shampoo to absorb that excess oil. You're going to do this for 2 weeks.

You're going to start noticing that that one day in between is getting easier. By week 2.5-3 you're going to notice that you're not reaching for the dry shampoo. You're easily getting through to the next washing. That means it's time for weeks 3-4!

Weeks 3-4: Now that you're washing your hair every other day like a pro, it's time to add another day. So instead of washing your hair every other day, you are not washing it every 3 days. You are going to do this for 2 weeks.

Weeks 5-6: I bet you know where I'm going here... yup! add another day for the next 2 weeks!!

You are going to repeat this pattern until you have made it to your desired time. Training your hair doesn't happen over night. As with anything worth doing, it takes time, but you are going to notice that the oil becomes less and less. This is because your scalp is staying hydrated. When you're washing it every day you are dehydrating it and making it work on over drive! By adding an extra day for 2 weeks, you are allowing your scalp to rest and heal itself. Is it going to freak out at first? ABSOLUTELY!! That's what the dry shampoo is for. It's there to help you through the really hard times when you want to throw in the towel and wash you hair. No matter how much you want to... DON'T!! You will disrupt the process and have to start over. I promise you that the journey is worth it. You just have to give it time and do the work.

If you feel like you're stuck and you just can't get over day 8 without looking like you've been playing in an oil slick (this is different for everyone, it could be day 5), this is when you want to reach for your heavier dry shampoo and throw your hair up in a sleek pony or bun. This phase is only temporary and it too shall pass. You just need to show your hair who's boss!!

I honestly believe that the more days you can go between washes, the healthier your hair will be. The ideal goal to strive for is a week to a week and a half. Can you go more than that, sure. Can you hit a week and be ok with that too, absolutely!! Everyone's hair is different and will act differently throughout this process.

Of course if you have any questions, you know where to find me! I'm here to help you through your hair journey ❤




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