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7 Tips | Flying Solo with a Two Year Old

If you follow me on IG (which you 100% should! 😜) you know that I traveled to Oklahoma for the 20th Annual SeneGence International Seminar. This is an amazing event where all of us GlossBosses gather and learn how to further grow our businesses. We also had a private concert with Gwen Stefani... but that's not what this post is about. It's actually about how I got to Oklahoma in the first place.

Because my family lives in Oklahoma, I brought my two year old with me so she could get some Great Aunt time while I was having some much needed girl time! This, however meant that I had to travel by myself with her and there are no straight flights from Albuquerque to Tulsa. I made sure to document some of the things I learned from this trip to share them with you all. Just in the event that you find yourself on a plane with your little one without any backup.

*Please note that these tips are what worked for me. You know your child so take what you need and adjust accordingly.

Tip 1 | Pack snacks

I know that my little one is happy when she has a full tummy (who isn't). So before leaving the house I made sure to pack a lunch box with some of her favorite snacks. I also love this because airport food can be so expensive.

Tip 2 | Cover your trays

So I don't know about you, but the thought of putting food directly on those fold out tables grosses me out 🤢 Think of all the people that have come before you and I'm pretty sure the flight attendants don't have time to wipe every one down after every flight.

This is when these amazing placemats from Chic-fil-a come in really handy. I always pick up a few when we go so I always have some in my purse. They have sticky strips on the top and bottom so they stay put and don't slip around. Once you are done, they easily peel up and you toss it!

Tip 3 | iPad to the rescue

I know that not everyone allows their kiddos to have screen time. We do but we limit it. The plane is the perfect time to make screen time a treat. Load some of their favorite games or movies onto it. I made sure and downloaded Moana (I'm pretty sure we have watched that movie a million times) and my little was perfectly happy sitting there with her "friends" with her headphones on and watching the movie.

Tip 4 | Plan your flights around their nap schedule

This is where you really need to know your kiddos. If you know that they turn into little gremlins when they get tired then I would recommend that you pick a flight that doesn't land during this time. For my little one, once her tummy is full she cuddles up and naps. For this reason I love picking a flight that I know that she will fall asleep on. That way she naps through the flight and it also helps with her little ears and the pressure.

Tip 5 | Have more than one way to pop ears

Gum isn't always going to work for every little one and if you've never introduced them to gum, on a flight isn't the best time to do it. When I flew with her and was still breastfeeding, that was easy because I would just feed her. Now that this is't an option, I make sure and pack some gummy snacks as well as make sure they have a drink. You want something that is going to make them swallow which will release that pressure. If you're little one still has a passy, this works great too!

I make sure and not give her anything until we are on the runway and have been cleared for departure. That way I know that they won't loose interest in what you've given them and it actually has time to work.

Every child is different on how they react to the pressure.

Tip 6 | Get a window seat

I mean come on, who doesn't like to sit by the window? Kids love it because they can look out. It gives them something to do and it keeps their attention for a good 5 min. or so.

When they loose interest in this, I still will point out things from time to time like clouds, fields, cars, etc.

Another fun thing to do with older little ones is play the "eye-spy" game or "what shapes do you see" game. Of course this doesn't work if you are in or above the clouds.

Tip 7 | Have a "busy bag"

Once the iPad and window have lost their fun appeal (that can be as quick as 5 min sometimes) you need back up! I have a little backpack that she carries that is full of little coloring pages, crayons, books, etc. to keep her busy. I also made sure to get her a "surprise" toy that I put in her bag. That way she found it and is excited. It also seems to keep her attention a little longer because it's new.

If all of those fail, you always have the information flyers in the seat back pocket.

I hope some of these tips help make your next flight with your little one more enjoyable! If you have any tips that have worked for you, I would love to hear them! Please comment them below ❤

Happy flying!



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