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"Wake up every day, with the belief that amazing things are going to happen."


Welcome to my blog that is so much more than just your average mommy blog.  This is a space where I share some of my most favorite things; beauty and fashion along with some of life's most fun and beautiful moments as well!


Who am I you ask? I am just a thirty something girl living in Albuquerque, New Mexico along with my husband and two daughters. I graduated from the QC Makeup Academy with my certifications in Makeup Artistry, Skin Care, Fashion and Hair. Needless to say, I love anything and everything that goes into making you feel a million bucks!


As a mother myself, I know all too well how easy it is to put myself and my needs on the back burner.  I found myself makeupless, hair in a top knot and living in leggings each and every day.  I had lost my spark and the person I had always been. That's truly what inspired me to create this blog.


Too often do I see this exact thing happening to mainly new moms and moms of pre-grade school children. Believe me, I get it! You are tired, you are overworked and living off of caffeine. It's amazing that with the right kid friendly outfit and a little lipstick, you can look and feel more put together and ready to take on whatever the day may throw you.


I love helping women become the best versions of themselves. Whether that's learning how to apply makeup for the first time in on of my one-on-one makeup workshops or finding the perfect outfit for your upcoming, and much needed date night, I hope this blog serves as a source of inspiration.   

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